Ars Kärsämäki “Experimental Life”

Theme of exhib­i­tion was quote from Gior­gio Agmben’s text in Homo Sacer: Sov­er­eign Power and Bare Life. Exper­i­mental Life is a state what bio­lo­gist Paul Rabinov is pro­du­cing when he gets leuk­emia. He sets his body as a research field where are no eth­ics or law. Ars Kär­sämäki 2011 — Exper­i­mental Life exhib­i­tion pro­ject tested the idea that concept Exper­i­mental Life is ana­logue to concept of artistic and cur­at­orial work. Whole cur­at­orial pro­cess was made open to pub­lic in a exhibition’s blog: (Finnish).

Idea was a do an exper­i­ment with cur­at­orial power and give way that power to read­ers of the blog. Blog was allow­ing to sug­gest and com­ment pos­sible par­ti­cip­at­ing artists.