New Arrangements

Nestori Syrjälä: Shoe Dryer, New Arrangements, Circulations Centralen, 2014

Nestori Syr­jälä: Shoe Dryer, New Arrange­ments, Cir­cu­la­tions Cent­ralen, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn

Installation view, New Arrangements, Gallery Rajatila, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn

Install­a­tion view, New Arrange­ments, Gal­lery Rajat­ila, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn

Nestori Syrjälä: Raimo S, New Arrangements, Gallery Wizard, 2014

Nestori Syr­jälä: Raimo S, New Arrange­ments, Gal­lery Wiz­ard, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn

Arild Tveito, New Arrangements, Circulations Centralen, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn

Arild Tveito, New Arrange­ments, Cir­cu­la­tions Cent­ralen, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn

Ida Koitila: Wie Oben So Unten, New Arrangements, Gallery Wizard

Ida Koitila: Wie Oben So Unten, New Arrange­ments, Gal­lery Wiz­ard, 2014 Photo: Elias Björn


In the West­ern tra­di­tion there is a long his­tory of seek­ing explan­a­tions of the exist­ence of the world without ref­er­ence to myth­o­logy, and thus non-mythological explan­a­tions in gen­eral. It is a tra­di­tion first star­ted by the Greek philo­soph­ers and that later in its exten­sion gave birth to West­ern sci­ence. In art, this tra­di­tion has been evid­ent within art dis­courses and art­works that have been heav­ily inspired by rational philo­sophy and con­cep­tual think­ing. This devel­op­ment again has led to a num­ber of con­tem­por­ary research-based prac­tices. Although art dis­courses are con­stantly evolving and tak­ing unex­pec­ted turns, non-mythological explan­a­tions have since the end of WWII been held in high esteem in the art world, at least in terms of the read­ing of artworks.

The ques­tion that the Ionian philo­soph­ers from Greece around 600 B.C.E. wrestled with was: What is the primary ele­ment that is the root of all mat­ter and change? Thales of Mile­tus pos­tu­lated that there is one primary ele­ment in nature, water, since it can exist in all three states of mat­ter: solid, liquid, and gas. The three parts that con­sti­tutes New Arrange­ments, con­crete, fluid and chance, are remin­is­cent of Thales’ three states of mat­ter. As such, the pro­ject acknow­ledges will­ing­ness in attempt­ing to under­stand the world.

An ordin­ary item can be under­stood as a com­bin­a­tion of mater­i­als, through its use, his­tory, form and func­tion. But in a post-digitalized world pur­poses and con­tent is quickly out­dated and then sub­jec­ted to recon­struc­tions. A con­stant reshuff­ling renders pur­poses and con­tent to frag­ments that are repeatedly rearranged into new con­stel­la­tions and arrange­ments. A simple object can doubt­lessly con­tain numer­ous mes­sages and mean­ings. In this jungle of oppor­tun­it­ies any truth­ful explan­a­tion or mean­ing is neces­sar­ily care­fully hid­den and notori­ously dif­fi­cult to reveal.

The emphasis in New Arrange­ments lies in the con­tem­por­ary and immin­ent issues addressed by the artists presen­ted within the pro­ject. In art, an explan­a­tion can cer­tainly take shape as a ques­tion, or it can make plain for the beholder some­thing which needs fur­ther con­sid­er­a­tions, or yet again, it can lead to an explan­a­tion that is merely vague and only faintly for­mu­lated, or simply too abstrac­ted, so that its main object­ive or qual­ity is to inspire yet new searches for the unknown.

The artists presen­ted within this pro­ject are char­ac­ter­ized by their inclin­a­tion towards explor­ing the gram­mar of visual lan­guages as an integ­rated part of their artistic prac­tice. The selec­ted works can be seen as final or inter­me­di­ate res­ults of rearranged frag­ments of real­ity. They share a poignant qual­ity in that they chal­lenge our under­stand­ing of the rela­tion­ship between mater­i­als, polit­ics, his­tory, poet­ics and our con­tem­por­ary society.

As a col­lab­or­a­tion between three artist­run spaces Cirku­la­tion­s­Cent­ralen in Malmö, WIZARD in Oslo & Gal­lery Rajat­ila in Tampere, we have ini­ti­ated New Arrange­ments as a pro­ject that will res­ult in exhib­i­tions in all three spaces (CONCRETE), a work­shop (FLUID) organ­ized in col­lab­or­a­tion with HIAP and a third part which is still open (CHANCE).

Artists par­ti­cip­at­ing in the exhib­i­tion are: Ditte Ejler­skov (DK), Ida Koitila (FI), Nestori Syr­jälä (FI), Arild Tveito (NO) and Stian Ådlands­vik (NO). Artists who par­tip­ated to work­shop: Rag­nhild Aamås (NO), Jens Hen­ric­son (SE) ja Outi Yli-Viikari (FI). The pro­ject is cur­ated by: Elias Björn (SE), Gard Andreas Frantz­sen (NO), Johanna Havimäki (FI) and Jussi Koitela (FI).