Skills of Economy

Ore e. Refineries

Ore e. Refiner­ies: Cop­per Scav­en­ging, 2013 (Image: Rasa Kavaliauskaitė)

Skills of Eco­nomy is a cur­at­orial concept deal­ing with con­tem­por­ary artists’ actions towards the cur­rent eco­nom­ical situ­ation and the entire concept of eco­nomy as a whole. Eco­nomy and eco­nom­ical rhet­or­ics have filled up media space in the west­ern world. Eco­nomy has become the most import­ant way of describ­ing the world and it’s pro­gress. Even art and the cul­tural sec­tor have adop­ted eco­nom­ical rhet­or­ics while dis­cuss­ing for example pub­lic fund­ing cut­backs in Europe. Skills of Eco­nomy is a pro­ject that researches and archives con­tem­por­ary artistic reac­tions in this soci­etal situ­ation. The pro­ject is real­ized at first as a vir­tual exhib­i­tion situ­ated in a blog. The blog is a journ­al­istic approach towards visual art pro­jects related to eco­nom­ical ques­tions, and also serves as an archive. Later the pro­ject will be real­ized as exhib­i­tions, debates and pub­lic interventions.

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