Skills of Economy Event

Event for con­tem­por­ary artistic and act­iv­istic reac­tions and ideas to economy

Sem­inar Rav­it­olalaiva Wäiski 3.10.2013
Skills of Eco­nomy Screen­ings 2.10.-6.10.2013 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / Kaiku Gallery.

Skills of Eco­nomy is a cur­at­orial concept focused on con­tem­por­ary artists’ actions towards the cur­rent eco­nomy and eco­nomic rhet­or­ics. Eco­nomy and eco­nomic rhet­or­ics fill up media space in the West­ern world. Eco­nomy has become the most import­ant way of describ­ing the world and meas­ur­ing its pro­gress. Skills of Eco­nomy is a pro­ject that researches and archives con­tem­por­ary artistic reac­tions in this soci­etal situation.

The Skills of Eco­nomy Event cre­ates a flow of views from artists, cur­at­ors, act­iv­ists and the­or­ists on cur­rent artistic pro­duc­tion and dif­fer­ent ideas on how main­stream and hege­monic eco­nomic think­ing and real­ity can be chal­lenged through artistic and act­iv­ist prac­tices. These ways can be roughly divided into sym­bolic and dir­ect actions. Sym­bolic actions can cre­ate new rep­res­ent­a­tions of the visu­al­iz­a­tion of eco­nomy or re-perform eco­nomic con­cepts, situ­ations and habits. On the other hand, dir­ect actions, such as time bank­ing, may be giv­ing form to local ways of organ­iz­ing change. The effects of these actions are neither purely sym­bolic nor dir­ect, instead they are in dia­logue with eco­nom­ical rhet­or­ics as well as with dif­fer­ent real­it­ies and polit­ics con­nec­ted to these. The event high­lights art and eco­nomy both as strong tar­gets of polit­ics and as media of politics.


Jenna Sutela, Oliver Ressler, Ore.e Ref. (Eero Yli-Vakkuri and Jesse Sipola), Ruby van der Wekken, Société Réal­iste, Syrago Tsi­ara, Teemu Takatalo, Ville-Pekka Sorsa, Vis­ible Solu­tions LLC, Zachary Formwalt

Skills of Eco­nomy event is cur­ated and organ­ised by Jussi Koitela at the invit­a­tion of the Academy of FineArts/Dept of Gen­eral Stud­ies. Sup­por­ted by Frame Visual Art Fin­land and INSTITUT FRANÇAIS Finland